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    Multilingua Translation Agency

    Your translation partner for all European languages.

Multilingua Translation Agency

Our team of translation experts, court interpreters, language professors, native speakers, and linguists can take care of all your
translation needs. We specialize in providing translation and localization services for media, corporate, and legal documents.


We approach every client professionally and responsibly. We pay attention to every detail of your requests and needs!


We prove our professionalism by meeting the deadlines on our translation projects.


We proudly deliver only top-quality translations, in keeping with the highest standards of our profession.


Your time is valuable—we promptly respond to your inquiries, suggestions, and wishes.

About us

Multilingua Translation Agency was born out of its founders’ professional knowledge and experience, acquired during many years spent working in the field. We have identified market areas where there is a critical shortage of high-quality and highly specialized services. This is what separates us from the rest—our priority isn’t just the quantity of translations we deliver. It is providing high-quality services to win and maintain customer trust with translations of high-profile and sensitive texts.

What we do

Translation services provided to law firms and other business entities across Croatia are the backbone of our work. These clients are offered translation services covering a wide range of content, which includes texts from fields such as law, finances, energetics, technology and economics. Because the complex nature of such content requires specific qualifications and expertise, we diligently pay special attention to these projects. Collaboration with both local and foreign media companies for which we translate foreign media contents to be published in Croatia represents an equally important part of our work. Our team also translates a broad spectrum of texts entrusted to us by private individuals, at competitive prices—quality guaranteed.

Corporate and legal projects
Media translations
Other content
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Our services

We offer a broad spectrum of translation services to cover our clients’ every need.

Certified translation

Certified translations are the core of our business. Our translators guarantee the quality of delivered content with their seal and signature. Our translations can be used with full confidence before competent institutions and legal and natural persons.

Uncertified translation

In addition to certified translation, we also offer uncertified translation services. We employ only licensed court interpreters, so you can be sure that the difference between our certified and uncertified translation services is only formal, not qualitative.


Every translation goes through at least two pairs of hands. This means that after our translators have done their job, every document has to pass a regular language and grammar quality check with our in-house proofreaders and language specialists. We also offer proofreading services in all areas we cover.

Quality check

We offer professional quality checks for your high-profile, sensitive, and technical translations. We also provide consultations with our resident translators who specialize in target areas, so you can define all special requirements of your translation project.


Our agency is among the rare Croatian agencies which provide movie and TV series subtitle translation services for the TV industry. We guarantee quality and quick delivery by using specialized software tools designed exclusively to provide this kind of service.

Oral translation

Although much of our work is focused on providing written translations, we also offer oral translation services. Feel free to contact us for more information regarding your inquiry.

Looking for a job?

If you’re a professional translator and court interpreter, send us your CV and cover letter—our HR team will get back to you as soon as possible.


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Our clients

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